ECG Workshop

RACGP Accredited Workshop to earn 7 CPD Hours and 14 CPD Points to fill your Professional Gap.

Course content:

  • To Attempt 9 interesting ECG at start of workshop
  • How to Calculate Rate, Rhythm, AXIS, Hypertrophy and Ischemic Changes
  • To Learn Different Arrhythmia's
  • How to Manage AF, SVT and other Common Arrhythmias
  • Understanding Different type of heart Blocks
  • To practice another 9 ECG at end of Workshop to see the difference/How much you learnt on the day
  • Every Week you will get one ECG to interpret and following weeks you will get result with new ECG for 10 weeks.
 Upcoming dates:
        6th Sep 2019
        14th Nov 2019
        28th Jan 2020
        28th Mar 2020
         6th May 2020

Price :- $95.00


# Date Start Time End Time No of Seats Left Student Capacity Action
1 126 06-05-2020 9.00 AM 5.00 PM 19 -