What does the Basic First Aid course teach students?

Students will learn how to respond to common emergencies, including: cuts; burns; head, neck and back injuries; bleeding; sprains; broken bones; shock, and more. If you would like more information on Pediatric First Aid, we recommend taking the Pediatric First Aid course which includes common pediatric emergencies and prevention.

Can I cancel after registering for a course?

It is recommended to inform us at least a week before cancellation so that other participants can take the place, Often these places are limited so it is highly recommended to inform us of cancellation much earlier.

Why can’t I have physical copies of the powerpoint slides?

Since workshops are RACGP Accredited, it will be illegal to disseminate the information in its original form to the participants. However, its encouraged to take down notes during the workshop which will also aide in the learning process. 

Why didn’t I receive a certificate or CPD points?

Certificates are awarded right at the end of the workshop. If you failed to receive a certificate, please email us.

Why haven’t I got my CPD points for a completed activity?

Often registration details provided, such as the First and last name that was registered with RACGP does not coincide with the details provided to register for CitiMed courses.If the activity has been completed, please email us to have your CPD Pointd updated,

When will I get my CPD points?

Your points should be updated on the RACGP Portal within a week provided your details given during the registration of the course were correct.