ALS Level 2

ALS 2[Advanced Life Support Course Level 2 of Australian Resuscitation Council]
RACGP accredited course, 40 CPD Points CAT 1 Activity/36 CPD Hours to Cover Professional Gap.

This is a two-days course with the focus on the developing advanced skills in managing deteriorating patient and cardiac arrest. The course is designed for healthcare professionals with who would be expected to apply those skills taught as part of their clinical duties, or to teach them on a regular basis. Appropriate participants include doctors, and nurses working in critical care areas (e.g. ED, CCU, ICU, HDU, acute admissions units) or in the resuscitation /medical emergency team, and paramedics.

The course is very intensive and candidates are sent the ALS2/ALS manual prior to the course. Candidates are required to complete a pre-course multiple choice question paper to guide preparation.

Prior skills and competence in CPR is an essential prerequisite to attending the course. While the course covers advanced resuscitation skills it is also designed to develop leadership and team skills in managing such emergencies.

The ALS course teaches the knowledge and skills required to:

·         Recognition, assessment and management of the deteriorating patient using a structured ABCDE approach (aiming to prevent cardiac arrest)

·         Treat cardiac and/or respiratory arrest, including manual defibrillation

·         Management of life-threatening arrhythmias

·         Preparing and planning for post resuscitation care

·         Care for the deteriorating patient or patient in cardiac and/or respiratory arrest in special circumstances such as asthma, anaphylaxis, and pregnancy

·         Lead a team, work as a team member, and use structured communication skills including giving an effective handover

·         Consideration for end of life decision making

Upcoming dates:

     14th to 15th Sept 2019

         8th to 9th Feb 2020

       9th to 10th May 2020

     22nd to 23rd Aug 2020

            28th to 29th Nov 2020

Price :- $1500.00


# Date Start Time End Time No of Seats Left Student Capacity Action
1 85 09-05-2020 7.30 AM 6.00 PM 2 -
2 86 22-08-2020 7.30 AM 6.00 PM 6 -
3 111 28-11-2020 7.30 AM 6.00 PM 6 -